Five words Fiona Apple taught me

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Fiona Apple Tidal Album Cover

One of my favourite albums of all time is Tidal by Fiona Apple. It was incredible when it first came out in 1996, and it’s still incredible today. The lyrics are all written by Fiona Apple, and they are brilliant. Her songwriting is more like poetry than most female pop stars around now (no offence Katy Perry and Ke$ha), and she uses such a rich vocabulary in her lyrics, which is something you don’t hear very often.
Here are five words Fiona Apple uses on Tidal that I’m pretty sure I had to look up at some point:

“Is that why they call me a sullen girl…” (from “Sullen Girl”)

“The shades and shadows undulate in my perception…” (from “Never Is A Promise”)

“From the roots of my soul come a gentle coercion…” (from “The Child Is Gone”)

“Like the carrion of a murdered prey…” (from “Carrion”)

“Oh, it’s evil, babe, the way you let your grace enrapture me…” (from “Shadowboxer”)

Buy the album. Listen to the album. Love the album.

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