Friday Reads: Bread Alone

It’s damn cold outside, which means I’m staying in a lot these days, reading books and baking. Not just bread but also cake, cookies, muffins. So basically when I’m not curled up on my couch with book and some baked goods, I’m at the gym doing everything I can to earn all those delicious carbs. This week I’m reading Bread Alone by Judith Ryan Hendricks. It’s about a woman, Wyn, who starts working in a bakery after a breakup. Truthfully I don’t love Wyn as a character, she’s a little self-centred and spoiled sometimes. But I can appreciate where she’s coming from when it comes to bread. There is something oddly restorative about the process of baking bread. I’m about halfway done the book and I’m curious how it will end.

What are you reading? 

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