Friday Reads: Tiny Beautiful Things 

Dear Sugar,

Sometimes I’m hesitant to read books that receive so much hype. I’ve been let down before, of course. As I’m sure you have. I prefer to come to books in my own time, so it is not surprising that I am only just reading Tiny Beautiful Things now, years after its release. Years after it was revealed that the anonymous writer behind The Rumpus’ “Dear Sugar” column was in fact Cheryl Strayed, the voice behind the phenomenon known as Wild. I have been listening to the audiobook version of Tiny Beautiful Things all week. Because the writing is so beautiful and the subject matter so heartbreaking (and sometimes hilarious), I’ve gotten lost in this book and find myself wishing that I’d read it along with everyone else when it first came out, so I could have someone to talk to about how incredible it is. I guess I don’t really have a question, more of a comment:
Thank you for this book. I will think of your advice often, and I promise to always write like a motherfucker.

Late to the party

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