I hate winter

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It happens around this time every year.
I start to hate the look of my parka. I begin to loathe lacing up my winter boots every single day. I realize that winter isn’t over yet and I feel like curling up into a ball and never leaving my house again.
I hate winter.

winter blahs

Actually, I don’t mind it until about January. The holiday season has a way of making even the cold, dark days of winter seem bearable. But now that it’s March and still grey and miserable out, I realize how much I truly hate winter. I put up with it every year but it’s fair to say that one day I’d love to be able to spend winter somewhere else. Those snowbirds are onto something.

One reason I hate winter is that I get a definite case of the winter blahs. The days are shorter, which means I wake up and it’s pitch black outside and I leave work and it’s pitch black outside. All I want to do is sleep and eat carbs. This has a very bad effect on my writing. I tend to ignore my writing rituals more in the winter. I don’t feel as inspired or motivated. And going outside for a nice long walk, which normally gets me out of a rut, doesn’t seem at all appealing.

You’d think that it would be the opposite. Having all this time to stay inside and write, I should be able to get a lot done during the winter months. But for me, that’s not how it works.

At least I can count on one activity to always get me through even the greyest of days: reading.
Good books have saved me from boring nights inside on so many occasions. It’s one of the many reasons I always have a healthy to-read pile waiting for me on the shelf.

I can’t be the only one who has trouble writing through the dark days of winter. Any advice for how to beat the winter blahs?


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