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penguin puffin postcard boxes

I had my eye on these Postcards from Penguin and Postcards from Puffin for a long time. Last week, I gave in and bought both of them. Treat yourself, right? I’m so glad I finally caved because these little boxes of postcards are a fantastic addition to my growing collection of book nerd things (along with my seven different Out of Print tees).

penguin postcards inside box

Postcards from Penguin features 100 book cover postcards. What I love about this set is that in addition to all the classic titles you’d expect to find in a box like this, like A Clockwork Orange and The Great Gatsby, you can also find some pretty obscure titles, like Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on Scraps by Claude Goodchild. Funny enough, that is exactly the reason some people don’t like it. From the negative reviews that I’ve read, some people feel that there aren’t enough book covers that they actually know and they aren’t too interested in the titles that they’ve never heard of. I think those people are crazy, but that’s just me.

puffin postcards

Postcards from Puffin is perfect for people who want to see more covers of books they know and love. This box also comes with 100 postcards and each one has info on the back about the year the book was released and the artist who did the book cover illustration. I love both of these sets but I admit that more of the postcards in the Puffin box made me smile, so it might be my favourite of the two.

And I know what you’re thinking: Who the hell needs 200 postcards? The answer to that, dear friends, is me. I need them. Why? Well, I could use them as meeting reminders for a book club or I could send them to people I really, really like. Or I can use them to create something like this massive wall hanging or more of a wallpaper effect like this. But I’ll probably just end up keeping them all to myself, pulling them out from time to time to have a look. And that’s okay too.

penguin postcards inside box

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  • Willy
    July 4, 2017

    I did the same exact thing for the same exact reason!
    Good to know that I’m not the only crazy person here 🙂

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