Judge the book cover: Virginia Woolf

If you search #virginiawoolf on Instagram you’ll discover, as I did, that there are a lot of Woolf fans out there. One of her book covers comes up in my feed on a pretty regular basis, which is impressive when you consider that Woolf isn’t exactly the the easiest author to read. In fact, according to Publishers Weeklyher book To The Lighthouse is one of the world’s most difficult books. If you haven’t read anything by Woolf, I’d suggest starting with Mrs. Dalloway, although I have heard that Orlando is a bit easier to follow. And since there are many Virginia Woolf fans who’ve never read any of her novels, it might even be better to start with her essays and short stories. I haven’t read any of her short fiction and only one essay, A Room of One’s Own, so I feel as though I have lots of reading to do before I can call myself a true Woolf fan. Good thing there are so many amazing cover designs to choose from.
the waves-penguin-cover


A Room of Ones Own-penguin-cover



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