Spring To-Read List 

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I haven’t seen any flowers to prove it, but apparently it’s spring. As I write this, the sky is grey and the trees are bare. We’ve had hints of the nicer weather to come in the last little while, but I’m pretty sure the winter will drag its feet for the next few weeks, as it always does. I’ll be happier when March is over because the first three months of the year are my least favourite, which means that means things can only get better from here. The weather will slowly warm up. The farmer’s markets will soon have things that are more interesting than the root vegetables I’ve been seeing all winter. I’m looking forward to some travel in May and to finally being able to walk outside without a heavy coat.

And speaking of things I’m looking forward to, here are some of the books I’m planning on reading over the next few months.

Super Sushi Ramen Express
by Michael Booth

Lincoln in the Bardo
by George Saunders

Get Your Sh*t Together: How to Stop Worrying About What You Should Do So You Can Finish What You Need to Do and Start Doing What You Want to Do (A No F*cks Given Guide)
by Sarah Knight

Books for Living
by Will Schwalbe

by Suze Yalof Schwartz

by Lauren Elkin

by Gillian Anderson

Mad enchantment : Claude Monet and the painting of the water lilies
by Ross King

South and West
by Joan Didion

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