Writing Picture Books

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My next assignment in my Writing for Children course is to write the story for a picture book. We went over a few really good examples in class to give us some inspiration. My favourites were Grumpy Birdand Doctor De Soto, and my all time favourite is the classic Where the Wild Things Are.

But back to me and my assignment, I’m a little bit nervous. I’ve never written a picture book before, or even attempted to. I need to keep these tips in mind while writing and hopefully I can come up with something that won’t embarrass me in class:

– Keep the plot simple, but don’t be too cute

– Get the story off the ground right away, don’t waste time

– Don’t sugarcoat, but be hopeful

– Use interesting language and read it out loud

Good news is that I have a sliver of an idea to work with. I’m excited to try this out, but I admit to feeling like I have no idea what I’m doing. Wish me luck!

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