5 indoor activities to keep you occupied this winter

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As the nights start drawing in in earnest as we move from autumn into winter we naturally crave to spend more time indoors. I am so fortunate that I have a log burner in my living room which I absolutely love. It offers warmth obviously but it also creates a focal gathering point for the family. It’s here that a lot of our indoor activities take place because the environment it creates is so cosy and tempting. If you’re struggling to find indoor activities to keep you occupied this winter then read on.

1. Baking all the way

I love baking. I really enjoy the methodical and almost medative state of making a recipe that I know so well. This is a great activity to do alone, or if you have children, it’s a great one for them to get involved in. They can weigh ingredients and stir the mix together. It’s also good to either eat the fruits of your labour or gift them to a neighbour to lift both your spirits and theirs.

activities to keep you occupied this winter

2. Games are life!

Board or card games aren’t for everyone but they can be great fun. I grew up playing solitaire both in person and online and it is honestly one of the most therapeutic games for me. I love that I can play it on my own and don’t have to rely on anyone else for it. It is simple and clever and everyone needs to try it at least once. Gin Rummy is another classic. I remember playing this with my cousin when I was much younger and then teaching it to friends. I often like to play it online now and can highly recommend it for a bit of downtime.

Another favourite at the moment is Dobble as it’s suitable for all ages and everyone has an equal chance. You might not have time for a mammoth game of monopoly but playing a game is a lovely thing to do even if it’s just a quick game or two of snakes and ladders. Playing games definitely helps bring people together, it teaches how to lose and hopefully raises some laughter.

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3. Learn a new skill

Winter is a brilliant time to learn a new skill. Whether you’ve been inspired by Tom Daly and his knitting prowess or you picture yourself running a small business selling homemade crafts if you don’t try you will never know. Trying new things is always a good way to find something you are passionate about. You might decide to learn a new language and maybe book a holiday so that you are able to practice it in person! One of my goals is to learn how to play the piano. It is something I have always wanted to do, but for one reason or another, I have put it off ‘until I am ready’. Well now I have run out of excuses and it is time to get learning. Wish me luck!

4. Reading is everything

Reading gives the most incredible escapism and can feel like a total immersion into another world or time. There’s nothing better than having a good book on the go. Switching from screen time before bed to a book will help you to sleep better too. Just ensure the storyline of the book you’re reading isn’t too adrenaline fuelled! In fact my love for reading was the whole reason I started this blog in the first place so it was a no brainer to include it in this blog post.

I hope you liked this blog post? Did it resonate with you? If you have any ideas for activities to include too, please do comment below. I always love to hear other people’s thoughts on things and appreciate and feedback you might have too.

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