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Essential additions for your baby’s nursery

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Decorating and getting the nursery ready for your new arrival is one of the most exciting times. Whether it is your first or third child you can’t help but imagine how life will be once this tiny human arrives. One thing is for certain that there is an ever-evolving abundance of paraphernalia for you to choose from. It can be a minefield to work out what is actually useful and what is not. Here are our essential additions for your baby’s nursery:

Sleep glorious sleep!

My children both slept better in a cot than a crib. I moved each of them quite early into the cot so this is my number one. It meant there was more sleep all round. There are a lot of options available but I wanted a gallery cot so that I could see in easily and gaze at my baby. Due to the configuration of the room I didn’t want a solid head and foot to the cot. I would suggest you spend a little time thinking about what is practical and not get too bogged down in what other people have, this one is a personal choice for you, one that needs to work for you and your space.

Delicious décor for your darling

Choosing the décor for your baby’s nursery is so much fun and there are a lot of options. From black and white, themed for the sex of your baby or even cute little farmyard animals there are so many to choose from. Remember to extend the theme past the soft furnishings and add some framed art on the walls.

Let there be light!

It can be hard to find a nightlight that works exactly as you need it to but it is a really brilliant bit of kit and one that will be used every night from day one. There is no underselling the value of having a nightlight to pop on while you get up to feed your baby, to change a nappy or to soothe your baby back to sleep.

Super Storage

If you are anything like me then you will most likely have lots of clothes for your little cherub. Ensure you have plenty of space to store the gorgeous items you have chosen and choose something lovely like custom cabinets Dallas or bespoke furniture that it going to suit the room beautifully.

Comfort is everything…

You will need to consider where you will sit to feed your baby. It can be hard to figure it out if you have a small room but it’s essential you create somewhere that you can sit and feed for hours at a time – or at least, it certainly feels like hours! I didn’t do a great job of this either time around. I had the edge of my step-son’s toddler bed for my first and a small wooden chair the second time around! It’s worth the time spent to think up something more comfortable than those!

We hope your found our tips useful? You’ll most likely be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery so make sure it is as practical as possible while also being cosy and attractive to look at too. This is an opportunity to really put your own touch on a room for your little one which may once have been a spare room or a home office.

Think of soft furnishings, happy and cuddly prints and accessories and you’ll be on your way. Good luck with it all and let us know in the comments below if you have any recommendations too please?

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