The Benefits of Chores for Children

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Picking up chores from a young age can help children learn about the importance of being responsible and capable. They may seem like they’re arduous tasks, but they do bring a wealth of benefits for children and they can help them learn about developing a good work ethic.

In this guide from a prep school in Surrey, we take a look at the big benefits chores bring to children.

Shows your child how to handle problems

Chores mean your child has been presented with a problem and will have to learn to solve it. This is the perfect time to get your child involved in picking up chores as they’ll be learning about how to clean up after themselves. Being aware of the chores children will have to pick later on in life will prepare them for a range of other problems they’ll have to solve throughout their development.

Gives your child the chance to work independently

Having the space to work at your own pace will give your child the patience to work independently over time. Chores are often tasks that can be completed in solitude, which means your child needs to become aware of the ways they can handle tasks without the need to turn to others for support. You’re also showing your child that you trust them to complete the job you’ve given them, which can give them the confidence to work on these chores.

Develops your child’s work ethic

A lot of these chores are going to be asked of your child when they come to their first jobs. Cleaning floors, vacuuming the space and mopping are common things your child may well be asked to do at their first jobs, so showing them how they can do them at home will give them a head start.

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