Sports in Schools

The Benefits of Sports in Schools

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Sports are a big part of many schools, with leagues and teams set up dedicated to a child’s development. Your child should at least try to develop their skills in sports where they can, as schools can provide many avenues from them. Here are reasons why sports are beneficial to children in schools that this sixth form in Market Bosworth shares with us.

Improves a child’s physical strength

Your child will greatly benefit from the strength and muscle memory they develop through regularly taking part in sports and other physical activities. All of this will improve your child’s health as well, with a raised heart rate and more blood pumping throughout their body, a development of adrenaline, endorphins and feeling fitter in general.

Helps your child’s mental health

Through regularly taking part in any kind of physical activity, from walking to playing hockey on the school astroturf, you can see the differences in your mental health. Through regularly taking part in sports, your child has the time to clear their head and focus on something else. There may be something bothering them at home, or they’re struggling with a particular subject at school, but with sports they can forget about those for a short while.

Helps your child work on their core skills

A lot of skills are required for a child to be an effective team player. In football you’re a part of a team of 11, which means you have to pull your weight in order to be a key asset to the team. On the flipside you have tennis – a mostly single person sport – which can teach your child about independence.

Sports teach children about a range of skills; from delegating and critical thinking skills, to being disciplined and honest. These skills are great for not just in sports and in school life, but also in your child’s development of life skills as well.

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