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Freebies in the UK Are Driving Consumers Towards Brand Loyalty

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Who doesn’t love a bargain? I get such a thrill from saving money and getting free stuff as corny as it may sound. Being thrifty just gives me all the feels, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks it. From a brand’s perspective, giving away free stuff can also be a really great way of building brand loyalty, which you can read more about below…

Many of the pages you land on when browsing find a way to present you with freebies, coupons, discounts, and special promotions. If you are not taking advantage of these opportunities, you need to reconsider your approach.

Why do these companies promote free giveaways and promotions so much?

They are always trying to get a leg up on the competition and build up their customer base. One easy way to get your brand in front of people is to offer freebies. It is a popular marketing method that has been proven time and time again.

People never get tired of free gifts…

If you give someone a product sample for free and that person likes the product, he or she is likely to come back and buy more. Not only is the person going to buy more, but his or her purchase is going to be larger than the free sample you had to provide and write off on your taxes.

Is there a better way to communicate and build brand awareness? Marketing requires a full-throttle approach, so it is more than just about freebies; however, you can see that these types of promotions benefit both consumers and business owners in a number of ways.

Freebies in The UK

Customers absolutely love being able to try a product without any commitment. They get pampered for free when you give gifts away. Customers show up in droves during promotions like these, so you are talking about major exposure. If you are having competition issues, now is the time to shine. You can check out this infographic here (or take a look at it below).

People love to save money. Discounts are one thing, but freebies mean customers pay nothing. People who routinely look for free items save a ton of money throughout the year. Consumers in the UK are onto this fact, and they are increasingly searching for special offers that provide them with free items and huge discounts.

Brand Loyalty

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