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Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Read

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Reading is the single most important skill for children to develop. It introduces them to new words which builds their vocabulary, enhances their overall communication skills, comprehension and helps them in exploring their passions and interests. Aside from that it’s a great activity for occupying time as it keeps the brain active and teaches us new things. Below are more ways that reading can help children according to a secondary school in Bath.

Introduces Them to New Perspectives

Aside from the benefits we’ve already mentioned, reading introduces children to new ways of thinking as they come across new viewpoints and perspectives different to their own in books.

Improves SPAG

Your children’s writing skills will improve significantly as they will learn the correct way to spell words, as well as the way that they are used. This will not only help them in English but help them produce a higher quality of work throughout their subjects at school.

Builds Patience

There’s something satisfying about reading a book. Unlike a movie where the scenes are already set and presented to you, you must do the guesswork and build your own interpretation. Also, as there’s a slower pace, children can undo their need for instant gratification and learn patience.

Enhances Creativity

Following on from the point above, reading can enhance a child’s creative thinking skills as they must use their imagination.

Parent and Child Relationships

Story time is a lovely way for both parents and children to bond as it’s something to do together and make a part of your routine.

Overall, reading has some great benefits for children and should be encouraged. To make it fun and an activity your child leans towards, look for material that they would actually be interested in and ensure that it matches their reading ability. Better yet, give them the opportunity to pick out their own books/magazines.

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