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Teaching your child to respect other cultures

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The world is a big and beautiful place, filled with people that come from different cultures and backgrounds. With this comes delicious foods, intricate clothing and the opportunity to learn about a different way of life. As parents, it is so important to teach your child about different cultures and the wonders that comes with it. Not only will little ones learn about a number of traditions and norms but will also gain respect and love for diversity. Below is some fantastic advice from this senior school in Kent on teaching your child to respect other cultures.

Set a good example

Children learn best from the adults around them and are heavily influenced by their opinions and behaviours. This is why it is so important to set the best example when it comes to respecting other cultures. If your child witnesses you treating everyone in the same way, no matter their skin colour or beliefs, naturally they will do the same thing. Nurture your child’s respect for other cultures by celebrating differences and learning about them. Encourage your child to spend time with those who can teach them about the world beyond what their mind can perceive, and show them why other cultures are so beautiful to have in our world. 


There is no doubt that food is a common enjoyment for people, with it being the easiest way to unite and gather people. However, most children are unaware of where their food comes from, with many of their favourite foods originating from a different culture. This is the perfect way to expand your child’s knowledge of other cultures, with the simple activity of cooking or trying new foods enhancing this. Not only will they be aware of where their food comes from, but they will also learn about dining etiquettes and ways to eat. 

Our world is filled with diversity, which makes it important for parents to teach their little ones to respect all they come across. Be the best role model around and expose your child to the wonders that different cultures have to offer, in order to teach them how to love and respect it. 

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