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How to Identify Your Child’s Learning Style

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Identifying your child’s learning style will be key to their development of their studies and progress in future. We all have our own unique ways of learning and it’s about how we use those skills to develop our knowledge. In this guide from a private school in Dublin, we explore the ways you can help your child find their learning style easily.

Observe your child’s movements

From a very young age you’ll begin to spot things that your child is willing to pick up and explore. Your child may prefer looking at toys with their hands and pulling things apart as opposed to playing with them ordinarily for example. Your child may be a big lover of singing songs and clapping, dancing along and practicing the tune over and over, but again it’s a clear sign of how your child will develop their learning style in the future.

Take a look at your child’s interests

A child’s main interests can often dictate what kind of learning works best with them. If they’re involved in more practical activities like football, or even joining a science club, you may find they’re a kinesthetic learner. Similarly if your child loves arts and crafts they’re going to be much more visual learners as opposed to a child that spends a lot of time reading and writing. Look at what your child leans into and how that can develop their unique learning style.

Help them identify their weaknesses

Having a weakness is not a bad thing, but it helps your child work on where they can improve, as well as giving them ways to discover how they best learn. A child, or any person for that matter, will only be able to develop their skills if they’re given the tools to work on them. This will heavily come from their own learning style – so use this to your advantage and find ways to help them in their weak areas.

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