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Lawsons – Top Tips for Decorating Your Home  

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A few changes here and there can breathe a new lease of life into a home. Best of all, much of it can be done by you with few DIY skills and tools. However, it can all go pear shaped quite quickly without proper research and planning. We have teamed up with Lawsons, a supplier of timber & mouldings in London, to share some tips that will help you decorate your home.

Consider the Dimensions That You Have

Pinterest isn’t short of decorating ideas and is a great place to go for inspiration. When looking at accessories and things to add to a space, it’s important to understand the dimensions that you have to work with. You might see a gorgeous frame or mirror and decide that it’s perfect for your aesthetic but later realise that it takes up a whole lot of space, making the walls feel as though they’re closing in.

The smaller a wall is, the fewer accessories you should add as this stops a room feeling cramped and claustrophobic. On the other hand, if your home boasts high ceilings and wider walls, making the most of the space will help to make it feel less cold and empty.

Layer Your Lights

Adding different variations of lighting can brighten a room that doesn’t get much daylight. It also adds dimension and gives the illusion of a bigger space. You can do this by adding spotlights, floor lamps and illuminated coving.

Consider Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional pieces of furniture are good investments as they serve a range of different purposes and help to declutter small spaces. Hallways are prime examples of where they can be used.

Stick to Neutrals

Neutrals don’t have to be bland. They give you the freedom and flexibility to decorate your home whenever you want without the hassle of having to re-paint. This is a good idea as interior design trends come and go. To add a bit of personality, all you need is a good theme to embody in a few accent pieces.

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