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4 ways to make your new home into a dream home!

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We moved house six months ago and although the our new place has some much potential (sorry to sound cliched) we still need to put some time, money and effort into making it our dream home. Rather than jump straight in, we have been enjoying just being here and slowly deciding what we would like to do to the house, what’s a priority and what might be able to wait. We are at the point of hiring professionals to come in and quote and I’m now pretty sure I know what I would like to do to make my new home into a dream home…

Knock down some walls

The kitchen is actually a really good size but it is north facing and often dark. The cupboards and flooring definitely need to be replaced but the major change that we would like to do is to knock down the adjoining room to the dining room and to make it into one large kitchen diner.

The dining room is always so sunny so this would add some gorgeous light to the kitchen and we would really like to put bi-fold doors across the back and side. Making the most of the views of the gorgeous garden and giving it a light and airy feel.

Add an Orangery

The house has a double garage and although we do need some space to store the bikes in as well as the random things that can be accumulated as a family, I really feel like most of it is a waste of space and begging to be converted into a living room with adjoining orangery. I think we could convert the garage without too much cost involved – boarding it out, installing some cheap windows and getting some budget friendly but good quality furnishings for it. The orangery may be pricier but it is something we could potentially add on after…

The part of the garden is currently just a path to the garage and some shrubs and plants and building an orangery there would be perfect. It would get the sunshine all day and would mean that we have so much more space in our home when my kids turn into teenagers. I had contemplated getting a conservatory instead but I think an orangery is the best way to go if we want to use it all year round.

Complete decor update

The previous owner looked after the house so well and clearly cared a lot for it. However the decor just isn’t to my taste. All of the walls are green, the carpet is green and the tiles are green too. The carpet is also very thin in certain rooms and definitely doesn’t have the luxury feel that I always strive for.

The ceilings are also covered in Artex so it isn’t just a matter of getting a paintbrush out. There will need to be lots of plastering as well as painting all of the walls and laying down carpet throughout the house. We will also need wood flooring in the kitchen diner and hallway.

I hope you found this blog post useful? There are so many way of turning your new home into your dream home and to be honest I could add lots of other things, but the suggestions I have mentioned above are what matters to me the post and what would make the biggest impact…

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