Dust yourself off and try again

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Yesterday, I had one of those magical days that is completely dedicated to writing. It started out okay, but it went downhill pretty fast. By the afternoon, I was exhausted. My story had worn me out. I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, and the frustration I was feeling was only making things worse. I should mention that I’ve been trying to make something work with this story for years. I think, after the day I had with it yesterday, I’m going to set it aside and start something fresh. Again.
This is the stage where I sometimes get discouraged. I think all writers do, from time to time. And when I feel this way I usually go over to my bookshelf and grab a book by a writer who inspires me. That will usually give me the kick in the ass that I need to sit back down and try again.
The author I chose to get me out of my funk yesterday was Neil Gaiman and the book was The Graveyard Book. If you haven’t read it (or any of his other books), you’re missing out. Thanks, Neil, for the inspiration.


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