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The Importance of English Literature Lessons in Schools

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English plays an important role in the curriculum. Children must take the subject up until GCSE. There are two varieties of the subject: English language and literature. While similar the two vary as English language focuses on developing reading, writing, speaking, and listening ability, whereas English literature explores prose, poetry, and drama texts. In this post we share the benefits of studying the latter option from a prep school in Hampstead.

Critical Thinking

The subject encourages them to engage in a deeper level of thinking, “read between the lines” and consider why an author may have chosen to do something. This can help children become more analytical and improve their critical thinking skills.

Understanding of The World

There’s a historical context to the pieces of literature your child will read. This can help them with general knowledge and supplement their history knowledge. The texts that they will get to read will vary from Modern texts and poetry to Shakespearian plays.

An Appreciation for What They Have

As they explore different time periods, children can develop an appreciation for what we have today.

English Literature Can Be Fun

Exploring much older literature can be confusing, but it can be fun to decode and learn the meaning behind the texts.

Cultural Importance

Learning about literature can give children a deeper understanding of their culture and learn how language has changed over time.

Communication Skills

In English literature children can broaden their vocabulary and learn words which we very rarely use today. Also, exploring poems and other forms of literature can teach children how to convey themselves using very few words, concisely and effectively.

While the subject is rather complex, it can be fun and fascinating for children to learn. They can build an array of soft, transferable skills that can help them in any career, not just one that involves writing.

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