Child During Exam Period

Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

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The exams can be stressful for children, especially in the run up to their GCSEs and beyond. It’s also a crucial time for children – these grades can define your child’s next few years in school or in the run up to particular courses for University in certain cases.

To help your child with their exams, here are some top tips you can follow from one of the top A Level schools in the UK.

Find small ways to support your child

The small things can add up when it comes to managing your child’s expectations. For one, sleep is a big part of making sure you’re feeling fit and healthy throughout the day. Children should be regularly getting enough sleep to properly store the knowledge they’re getting from revision and lessons in school.

A child’s diet will also impact their level of concentration and ability to function. Foods high in fat and sugar are going to greatly affect their ability to study and concentrate, so it’s important to provide a healthy diet throughout their lives. Treats can come after their exams are over in the form of a reward.

Set up resources for your child

After a day at school, even the little things can help your child in the set up of their studies. Print out past papers for them to look through when they’re ready to, and provide them a study space away from distractions to keep them focused. It’s all about giving your child the means to work in their own space while trying not to make it too alien from what they’re used to.

Keep encouraging your child

There are going to be times where your child is just feeling overwhelmed about the work they have to do and how they’re going to achieve it. Give your child the patience and support they need as much as you can, and motivate them through praise, additional revision aids, and even giving them a break from their studies.

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