Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

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Gratitude means you’re able to show that you’re thankful and able to show appreciation for particular things in life. This is something your child will learn to develop from a young age through the gifts they receive, the praise they get at school and many more examples. To help your child learn about being grateful for all they have, here are top tips to explore from this private school in Hampstead.

Be their role model

Kids follow a lot of what their parents do, and what other adults do too, so it’s important that you build a world that allows them to understand gratitude in their own way. Be the person they want to look up to and gain support from. If they receive that on a regular basis then they’re more likely to pick up on the different ways they can express gratitude.

Give your child many examples in daily life

When you’re walking out and about, at the shops, or in public at the park for example, there are many times where your child can experience gratitude that happens in front of them. There could be an act of kindness happening in front of your child and then point it out to your child. 

Ask them how they feel about the situation and what they could do to replicate it in their own lives. You’d be surprised at how much they’d remember and pick up from daily interactions that can help them with their personal development.

Show your child how proud you are of them

If your child knows their worth, and their parents are great motivators, then they’re going to know how to express gratitude through what you’ve taught them. Parents that continually support their children and give them the space to grow will give them the awareness of kindness, guidance, support and thankfulness. 

An environment that naturally exudes these feelings will gradually show your child how to develop their understanding of gratitude over time.

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