Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

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Extra-curricular activities are a staple in schools. They’re used to help children explore the skills they’re learning in school time and how they’re able to use these skills through their studies and in more physical activities.

A lot of extra-curricular activities involve sport, but they can also include choir practice, musical instruments, art projects and theatre productions. In this guide from a pre prep school in London, we look at the benefits these kinds of activities bring to children.

Teaches your child about teamwork

Most, if not all, extra-curricular activities will have elements of teamwork within them. Teamwork is more than just working together happily. It’s also about how your child can learn to delegate tasks between others in their group, work on their understanding of the task at hand, and work on their critical thinking skills.

Teamwork can be used in a range of situations when taught and practiced well, which is why extra-curricular activities are strongly encouraged by teachers and parents.

Gives your child the freedom to reset

Children will relish those moments where they’re not doing their usual schoolwork. Not because they necessarily find school boring, but rather it’s something new and exciting to explore for them. Extra-curricular activities usually happen at lunchtime or after school so that children have their full attention on something else for an hour or so, and it helps your child take their mind off their usual studies.

Helps your child find their passion

A lot of passions and dedicated interests are developed through your school years. Having a regular hobby to take part in and pursue will give your child that much needed focus. They’re finding something they enjoy and having fun while they’re at it, which is another reason why schools heavily focus on extra-curricular support for students. Helping your child discover their passion will help their confidence and boost their self esteem throughout their school journey.

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