Finding Hemingway in Islamorada

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hemingway islamorada

I never really thought I’d visit a Bass Pro Shops. I mean, I’m not exactly what you’d call the outdoorsy type. But on a recent trip down to the Florida Keys,  I stopped into their Islamorada location and was pleasantly surprised to find a huge stack of Hemingway novels on sale. As I looked through the impressive selection of titles, I barely noticed the giant ship on display right in front of me. (Books distract me, what can I say.)
Dry-berthed in the middle of the store was the sister ship to Hemingway’s famed Pilar. I hopped aboard and looked around at all the Hemingway photos and memorabilia, including a pretty cool typewriter (that Hemingway never used) and an uncomfortable chair (that Hemingway never sat in). The story goes that Hemingway took a fishing trip on this boat before deciding he needed one of his own.  So while he may have only been on this particular boat the one time, it was still pretty damn cool to see and a welcome distraction from all the boring…I mean super-cool fishing gear that Bass Pro Shops has to offer.
One day I’d love to see Hemingway’s Pilar in Cuba, but this sister-ship will do for now. If you’re ever in the Florida Keys, check it out. And buy a book while you’re there. Or some bait or whatever.

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