Friday Reads: Born to Run

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I’ve had a crush on Bruce Springsteen since I first saw the “Dancin’ in the Dark” video. I would never pretend to be his biggest fan (I’ve never attended one of his legendary live shows), but I’ve always loved his music, and it’s hard not to be in awe of his career. My crush was reignited this week when I started listening to him narrate the audiobook version of his memoir, Born to Run. Now I know that not only is he an incredible musician, he’s also a pretty amazing writer. Even if you have zero interest in his music, his bio is well worth reading. He’s insightful, funny, and extremely candid. I’m still learning about his early years, so I have lots to look forward to. His narration style is such a pleasure to listen to, particularly when he chuckles at some of the cringe-worthy moments from his teenage years. I’m so glad I decided on the audiobook for this one.

What are you reading?

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