Friday Reads: Esther the Wonder Pig

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I stopped eating meat around ten years ago, and over the past few years I’ve become an almost-vegan (I still eat honey, which technically isn’t vegan). The reasons I don’t eat animals are too numerous to get into here, but one of the reasons is that I love animals and don’t feel they need to die to provide me with food. I do just fine on a plant-based diet. I honestly don’t judge people who eat meat, I just wish more people would care about the way we treat the cows, pigs, chickens, etc., who provide our burgers, bacon, and BBQ wings. Esther the Wonder Pig is such a great story about a couple, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, who thought they were adopting a micro-piglet but ended up with a 600-pound sow. The changes they made in their lives because they fell in love with Esther are so inspiring and heartwarming. Anyone would enjoy reading this book, even carnivores. Although it may get them to think twice before ordering their next BLT.

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