Friday Reads: Even Vegans Die 

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“Despite the inevitability of death for every living being, for vegans there can be a sense of guilt and shame around dying – and maybe some anger over a sense of unfairness. You’ve lived a life of compassion and advocacy for animals. You’ve treated your body well, especially compared to how the average person eats. You might feel that your body has failed you, or you’ve failed your body.”

Even Vegans Die is an important book with a somewhat unsettling title. Even though I don’t think only vegans blame themselves when they get sick, I do think vegans feel a different kind of shame when they do, since the prevailing message out there surrounding veganism is that it’s a cure-all. So if you get sick as a vegan many people believe that you must have done something wrong. Those of us who follow a plant-based diet are sometimes guilty of thinking that our choices protect us from all illnesses. This is a dangerous belief system, and for that reason I think all vegans should read this book.

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