Friday Reads: How Not To Die 

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I’ve been lugging Dr. Greger’s big, heavy hardcover book How Not To Die around with me for the last week, including up to a friend’s cottage as pictured in this photo. That counts as strength-training, right? Ya. Sure it does. How Not To Die is very much worth its weight, though. This book is full of interesting and, more importantly, necessary information for anyone who wants to avoid a trip to the doctor/grave for a range of issues including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. I am very glad I bought a copy of this book because I’ve folded over many pages that I’ll be referring to again and again. But we warned: If you aren’t ready to make some big changes to your diet and lifestyle, you probably won’t take much away from this book. It would be a shame to dismiss Dr. Greger’s expertise because of fear. My advice is don’t be a baby and eat some broccoli every once and awhile.

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