Friday Reads: Japan! 

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I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, for as long as I can remember. So when I saw a flight to Tokyo for a ridiculously low price, I knew this was my year to go. And I. Can’t. Wait. I’ll be there for a couple of weeks next month, travelling by train and stuffing my face with as much food as I possibly can. So in anticipation of my trip I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Japan, both to plan out my days there and to educate myself on the food and culture. I recently finished Rice, Noodle, Fish by Matt Goulding, which was exceptionally good. I’m also currently flipping through A Geek in Japan and my Japan Eyewitness Guide. And did I mention that I’m listening to the audiobook of Super Sushi Ramen Express by Michael Booth? Honestly sometimes I think I enjoy the planning and research part of travel as much as I enjoy the actual trip.

What are you reading?

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