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Friday Reads: Pretty Baby

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I liked Mary Kubica’s first book, The Good Girl, so I decided to read the follow up, Pretty Baby. The book, which flips between three perspectives (Heidi, Chris, and Willow), is described as a psychological thriller, but it doesn’t quite feel that way to me. The pacing is too slow. And if I’m being honest, I’m not even sure that I like any of the characters, which is always a bit of a problem. Because if you don’t like anyone, you probably don’t really care what happens to them, which is kind of where I’m at with this book. I’ve read some reviews on Goodreads from people who abandoned Pretty Baby about halfway through. I’m beyond that point now, so I’m going to stick it out. If you’re looking for a story that moves quickly and keeps you at the edge of your seat, Pretty Baby probably isn’t the book for you.

What are you reading? 

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