Friday Reads: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

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I’ve never been a fan of Amy Schumer. Before you hate message me, let me explain. I’ve never been a fan of Amy Schumer because I’ve never seen her standup, television show, or any of her movies. I am one of very few who have barely heard the woman speak. But I laughed out loud when I heard the name of her book, and when I saw that she was narrating the audiobook herself, I knew that listening to The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo would be my introduction to the world of Amy Schumer. When a book starts with a chapter entitled “An Open Letter to my Vagina”, you can pretty much guess what you’re in for. And much like listening to Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and Tina Fey’s Bossypants, walking around listening to this audiobook makes me look like a crazy person. Well, maybe not crazy. Just ridiculously happy. This girl makes me laugh, and within five minutes of getting to know her through her own words I was officially calling myself an Amy Schumer fan.

What are you reading?

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