Friday Reads: The Veins of the Ocean

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“The ocean is different down here. On the mainland, the curling bay water is a deep blue and even on the shallow edges of shore it only clears to a pale green. The waves folding into the open ocean grow thicker and peak higher as you had farther north, a menacing rush in the current, the wind splitting waves that could push you under with the force of a hundred men. Down here the tide is calm, pulsing softly even under a heavier wind. The water bleeds turquoise and only darkens out past the reefs.”

The Veins of the Ocean is nothing like I thought it would be. It hooked me right on the first page, but I won’t tell you how. Let’s just say that it’s sometimes fun to skip reading the book jacket copy and go into the story knowing absolutely nothing. According to the bio on her website, Patricia Engel currently lives in Miami, which would explain how she’s able to write about it and the area around the Florida Keys so well. I love that part of the world, so I’ve enjoyed getting lost in her descriptions, especially of the water. But from what I can tell so far, this book is about much bigger things than the ocean.

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