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Helping Your Child Develop their Vocabulary

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Vocabulary is a big thing in a child’s understanding of reading, being able to write well, and developing their communication. It is also something that children will slowly get to appreciate from a young age, so there’s no better time to get your child involved in learning new words and phrases.

To help your child with their vocabulary, here are some top tips from this childcare provider in Twickenham.

Play plenty of word games together

Word games and songs can remind your child of what words they’re picking up, which ones they remember and how to pronounce them. Songs and games are usually made to be memorable for kids of all ages, including the many different ways you can explore grammar and more complicated words. The word association game is a common one to try with your child as they’re tested on a number of different ways they can use words in sentences.

Explore different words in different contexts

To explore a range of contexts means that your child is able to pick out which words are the most appropriate for the setting. Your child then has the chance to use a range of new words applied to different contexts. For example, frustration can also indicate you’re annoyed, but also refers to the fact that you can’t push ahead with something. Children can learn to use these variations in words to give them a better understanding of the English language.

Spell out words on the fridge

Something to easily pass the time is through sticking words or letters on the fridge and getting your child to change them to spell something. You can keep the challenge up by asking them to think of a new word each day. Every time they pass the fridge your child can have a go at spelling out new words to make it a fun and rewarding experience.

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