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Helping Your Child to Learn a New Language

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Learning a new language is always a treat and a rewarding experience for children. When you’re younger, you also have the potential to learn a lot more from the words and phrases you pick up from these new languages. In the UK there are a number of languages your child could pick up, from Welsh to French, Spanish and German, among many others.

In this guide from an independent school in Surrey, here are some tips to help your child pick up a new language through fun and engaging ways.

Use songs

Songs are always used to keep learning memorable in a child’s mind. Something catchy and  exciting will always motivate a child to learn, which can give them the chance to pick up complicated terms. These songs tend to remind children, and even adults, of particular tenses, how to use verbs and certain phrases. 

Pick up plenty of child-friendly books

Having a bunch of books for kids to pick up as and when they please will help your child develop a good sense of understanding of the language. These can be purely educational, but there are also lots of friendly books that will motivate your child to learn and make the learning experience more relatable to them.

Use TV, Film and games

There are heaps of games on tablets, or programmes on TV that can help your child remember particular words and phrases. These tend to be really memorable for kids so that they can pick them up time and time again and help them to work on areas they may struggle with. 

It can also motivate them to practice their speaking and listening skills, two essential ways that children will get to learn a language without reaching as many barriers. Speaking the language can be the toughest part of learning a language, which is why your child should pick these up from early on in life.

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