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Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

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Homework can be an uphill battle for some kids, especially when they don’t see the benefit in picking it up each week. With all that there is to school life it can be hard to pick up on the smaller things children need to keep on top of like homework, all of which help a child with their development of certain subjects.

To help your child with their homework, here are some top tips from this private school in Cambridge.

Plan ahead

A good planner knows how to prioritise their tasks and even make a to-do list of what needs to be done if necessary. Start introducing this to your child each time they have a pile of homework to do. Work out what needs to be looked at first, usually the homework that is due the soonest, and begin helping your child with their homework.

Let them try as best they can

Being directed by their parents should only get a child so far or they’ll never learn how to handle things by themselves. Give your child hints and tips to answers but try not to give it all away unless they’re clearly struggling. Letting them have a go is a good way to see where they’re struggling and where they need to put their focus next.

Break up the homework into chunks

Having the homework done in chunks means you can have a proper look at what your child can manage and what areas your child may need a little more help with. Take a look at the homework in stages and see which areas need the most attention as they can help your child learn where to put their focus. This also means your child can work on the areas that they know they’re good at first to give them the motivation to tackle the harder questions in their workbook.

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