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5 Unique Hobbies for Children

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As the summer holidays approach, you will need to create plans for how you will spend time as a family and keep your little ones occupied. It’s a great time for children to find a hobby they enjoy and spend some time learning about themselves. Below are 5 unique hobbies for children recommended by an independent school in Surrey.

1) Fishing

Now that the weather is a little drier, fishing is a possibility to consider. You will first of course need the right equipment, suitable clothing, and bait, as well as patience as there can be a long wait before you are able to catch anything.

2) Sports

If that’s not really their thing, perhaps they might like taking up a sport like basketball or hockey? It will keep them active and socialising as opposed to otherwise being sat at home in front of their screens. Have a look at what’s happening in your local area this summer and see if there are any children’s sports clubs, they would be interested in joining.

3) Crafting

Crafting is a universal hobby that both boys and girls enjoy. It gives children the chance to explore their creativity and develop/strengthen several skills such as problem solving and their fine motor skills.

4) Acting

If your child likes performing and has an interest in theatre, drama is one that you should definitely consider looking at. It’s fun and can help them to explore whether it’s a career they want to pursue. Key skills they can learn during the process are their understanding of body language, confidence, communication, and presentation skills.

5) Dance

Dance is another thing they could have a go at. They can learn and practise dance routines from shows they like, performances and dance trends they have seen online. As dance involves coordination, it can help your child become more graceful.

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