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cat- Bookplate-stamp

I’ve always loved the idea of bookplates, but it wasn’t until recently when a friend expressed his absolute shock that I didn’t put my name in all my books that I actually decided I would get one. I had no idea there were so many options out there. It seems like such a niche product, after all. Something for only the most serious book nerds. But there is no shortage of bookplate designs to choose from, whether you shop on Etsy or at your local bookstore.


A few years ago, I got a little book of bookplate stickers as a gift. I like having these because when I give a book to someone as a present, I slip one of these stickers in with the card so the person can stick it on the inside of their book and write their name on it themselves instead of me doing it for them. People seem to appreciate it, but I never thought to use these stickers myself. Probably because the book didn’t have nearly enough stickers for me to label each book in my collection.

So with that in mind, I knew that my bookplate would have to be a rubber stamp. It seemed like the most efficient way to tackle my library, plus I’m a huge fan or stamping so this was the perfect excuse to add another one to my collection. There are some gorgeous custom options on Etsy, so many that I actually felt a little overwhelmed when searching for the perfect one for me. When choosing a bookplate, you first have to decide on the text you want. You can go with the traditional “Ex Libris”, or the more familiar “From the Library of” or “This Book Belongs to”.  My problem is that I kind of like all of those options and I can see a use for each of them. (I told you I love rubber stamps.)


The first design I chose wasn’t customized because I thought it would be a little bit more practical (it’s the cat bookplate stamp at the top of this post). I’m using it for my paperback books and for any children’s literature in my collection. My second bookplate was a gift from my husband and I love it. He went with a classic design and formal text, which is perfect for my fancy hardcovers and special editions. Now I’m looking for a beautiful Ex Libris bookplate stamp. I’m in no rush to get it and I’m really enjoying the search. I’ve been getting inspiration online from posts like this one of bookplates belonging to famous people, and also this post of some gorgeous bookplates that will give your books serious style.


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