Letting Go of the Words

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If you create web content, you need to read Letting Go of the Words by Janice (Ginny) Redish.

Chapter 7 is all about designing web pages for easy use and it goes over 14 guidelines for helpful design. Here are a few points from that list:

Use space effectively. Use lots of headings, keep paragraphs short, include pictures with some space around them, break larger blocks of text into smaller chunks.

Don’t center text.  It’s harder to read than left-aligned text, and you don’t want to make things hard for your readers.

Don’t write in all capitals. Don’t shout at your readers. Please.

Make the design of your website consistent. Maintain patterns and alignment across all pages of your website.

Letting Go of the Words is an excellent reference for those who write and edit content for the web. Check out the amazing reviews it gets on Amazon and then buy yourself a copy.

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