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Now that the long, cold winter is starting up again I find myself planning nights in with friends. And while watching movies and eating yummy things are both fantastic ways to spend some time indoors, sometimes it’s good to switch things up a bit. My suggestion? Game Night!
And of course, my favourite kind of game night doesn’t involve just regular old board games. No, my kinda game night includes literary board games like these:

Scrabble: Book Lovers Edition
It’s basically Scrabble but you get bonus points for spelling an author name, book title, or literary character. Amazing.

1000 Piece Famous Writers Puzzle
I’m awful at puzzles, but I like the idea of a puzzle where the pieces come together to form writers like Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and Mark Twain.

Literati Challenge
From what I gather, this game involves writing a story using the five words that are given to you on a card. You only have a minute to do it, then you read the stories out loud. Hilarity ensues.

Where the Wild Things Are
I don’t even care how you play this. It looks awesome.

This is kind of like a literary Balderdash. After hearing the synopsis of an actual book, players write down what its first line could be. You earn points when others believe yours is the real first line. What’s weird about this one is that the actress Daryl Hannah came up with it. Who knew?

By the way, these are all available online at Chapters.Indigo.Ca, so I basically just did your holiday shopping for you. You’re welcome.

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