NaNoWriMo: Final Update

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I won!
I’ve been typing away for the past couple of hours, finishing up my 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. It feels great to have passed the finish line, and I’ll admit that I’m kind of happy to leave my “novel” behind for a little while. It’s been tiring and frustrating at times, but, as usual, it was totally worth it.

If you didn’t get around to finishing your word count this year, don’t worry. You are not alone. I know lots of people who had the best intentions but just couldn’t get things going this time. Just promise me you’ll try again next year because this feeling I have right now is totally worth all the late nights, over-caffeinated afternoons, and ridiculously early mornings.

If you’re also a winner, congratulations! I hope you’re enjoying your victory as much as I am.

And hey, why not celebrate by doing some shopping? You can buy a NaNoWriMo 2010 Winner’s T-shirt online for just $20. Or pick up a copy of the book No Plot? No Problem! at your local bookstore and start planning for 2011.

Now excuse me while I go get a massage and ignore my laptop for a few days.

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