NaNoWriMo: Update #1

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NaNoWriMo started a week ago today so I thought it was about time I update you on my progress.
First let me just say that this is by far the busiest I’ve ever been during the month of November. On top of a full-time job, I am taking two writing classes that keep me very busy with assignments from week to week. Despite all that I have managed to stay on track and I’ve written just over 12,500 words, which means I’m 25% done.
It goes to show you that just because you’re busy it doesn’t mean you can’t write every day. If you really want to do it, you’ll find a way.

I also wanted to share a tip that I use during NaNoWriMo that really helps me with writing and with editing once the month is over. To break up the pages and pages of text I use headings to separate my scenes. I find this easier than using Chapter 1, Chapter 2, because I name the headings with details about the writing that follows. It’s helpful while I’m writing because it allows me to think in terms of scenes instead of chapters, and I find it easier to write that way. And when it comes time to edit those 50,000 words, the headings help me find specific scenes so that I can move them around or expand on them as I see fit.

Good luck everyone!

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