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It’s that time of year again. National Novel Writing Month starts today and I’m an official participant. This is my third time doing it so, for good or for bad, I’m not all that worried about it. Writing 50,000 words in a month is challenging but not impossible.

Here are my top 3 tips for completing Nanowrimo:

1. Be flexible enough to change the course of your story throughout the month. My story usually changes direction several times and it can end up nowhere near where I thought it would.
2. Don’t edit. At all. Just create and type and don’t go back to remove words or lines. You don’t have that kind of time.
3. Write every day. A lot of people try to stick to the recommended 1667 words a day quota. Do whatever works for you. I usually start November off with a lot of enthusiasm so my word count is higher at the beginning but then it dips mid-month. It’s really nice to have a buffer for those days when the words just don’t come.

Good luck to all my fellow participants!

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