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It’s not just a pencil, it’s an experience.

Is it possible to love a pencil? I like to think that it is.
And right now, my love affair is with the Blackwing 602 pencil.
The Palomino Blackwing is legendary. I bet you didn’t think it was possible for a pencil to be a legend, but there you have it.

Famous writers including E.B. White, Truman Capote, and, most famously, John Steinbeck, have all used the Blackwing. But despite its popularity, it was discontinued in the 90s (here’s a pretty detailed account of what happened). So the pencil that I’m currently in love with is actually a recreation of the original.

I used to be content using a regular old #2, but now that I’ve tried the Blackwing 602, I can never go back. This pencil is sleek and metallic grey with a black eraser, proving that it is possible for a pencil to be sexy. And writing with it is a pleasure. I can’t even believe I used to write with anything else. Now that I’ve discovered the 602, I’m a complete convert. I only wish I could’ve attended the Party for the Pencil that happened in New York a little while back (check out the photos).


You can read more about the Blackwing here, and purchase your own box of Blackwings on

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