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Office renovation ideas that will blow your mind

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Looking for Office renovation ideas? Here are some of our favourites!

Think about how many hours you spend at your desk. When you add them all up, it can be a scary amount. That is of course assuming that you have a desk job. If you don’t, then this might not be relevant for you. But anyway, assuming you do have a desk job then ensuring that your office is at the top of its game is so important. You’ll want to feel energised and inspired when you are  in there. To enjoy looking around it and to genuinely like spending time there.

Your home office is often the center of your professional life. Creating your ideal home office is not just about aesthetic beauty, but is also about creating a comfortable environment that is more conducive to work and creativity. If you do find yourself working from home longterm, it could be a good idea to decide if you can create a home office in your existing property or if it is time to look at a house move. There are plenty of benefits to moving too and if you do decide to do this, then make sure you get as much help as possible from a moving company or a similar service in your area.

However if you do decide that you want to remain in your current home, then renovating your home office can be a labor of love and absolutely worth it. Whether you are looking to make big changes or just a cosmetic upgrade, a home office renovation is a great do-it-yourself project.

Here are some ideas for your do-it-yourself office renovation:

Choose Your Color Scheme

The color of your office not only determines the rest of your décor, but can also affect your creativity and work flow. Some colors can make it harder to concentrate or distract you from your work. Neutral colors like beige and grey are always safe, but muted green and pale blue colors can be refreshing as well as calming.

Fabulous furniture

The furniture is the focal piece of your home office. Depending on how much space you have to utilize, you can do a lot with furniture. Do lots of research on what sort of furniture you think you’ll need and have a look at office monster to see exactly what sort of office furniture you can get.

First of all, you want to find a desk that not only fits in with your décor, but also provides an adequate and comfortable work space. Make sure that whatever desk you choose will have enough surface space, drawers, and cabinets that you need. Your desk chair is also important; after all, you are likely going to spend a lot of time sitting there so it needs to be comfortable.

If your space allows, it is a good idea to bring in some other seating options as well. For visitors or clients, somewhere comfortable to sit is a must. A sofa or a plush chair really makes use of the space and provides another focal point in the room.

Home office renovation is a great do-it-yourself project. You can really make your work space your own and create a comfortable area to work in.

Making Use of Small Spaces

For a home office, you might not have an entire room at your disposal. However, you can make use of a lot of small spaces to create a very effective home office.

For example, you can carve out a little nook as part of your living room or den. Utilize the corner or area behind a sofa to place a desk. If you have a staircase that has a hollowed-out area underneath, there is an often underutilized space to put a desk and a few shelves. A small loft or platform at the top of stairs can be used for office space. You could also consider finishing your attic or basement space to be used as an office.

If you are living the capital, you should factor in that you may need to leave some space for a home office when you are figuring out how to find a flat in London. That goes for the rest of the country too. Just try to keep in mind that having a work from home option can be really useful as it gives you so much more flexibility and reduces travel time.

Office renovation ideas – Fantastic flooring

You want your home office to be a comfortable and inviting space without being too distracting – just like your kitchen. Something practical like hardwood makes it easy to maintain in the event of mess, or a simple neutral-colored carpet would be comfortable but also maintain a professional look.

Fun ideas?

This is a great opportunity to add in some extra fun things to your office. Is there anything you had always hoped to have? What about trying out a photo booth rental Fort Worth? Or having a truly unique mural on your wall? Perhaps you would like a secret hideaway too or a ball pit for adults? The choice is yours!

Think about the wall

You can make use of your wall space with shelving units to hold your books, files, etc. Bookcases can be used, but can take up a lot of space and look bulky if in a small space. In this case, chose built-in shelving instead.

Also consider things like wall panel moulding which can really add character to a room and perhaps a feature wall and frames with motivational quotes that will keep you inspired.

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