A Parents' Guide to A Levels

A Parents’ Guide to A Levels

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A levels are a hard time for students, as they often define the biggest stage in a child’s journey through to university or their first steps in their career. It’s a very important time for your child, which is why you should aim to keep in the know and help them where you can throughout their studies.

To help you get a better understanding of A Levels, here are some key points to remember from the best boarding school in the UK.

How you can help your child with their revision

Having a well-prepped child will gear them up for success, which can easily be found through a revision schedule. Help your child work out what will help them in terms of how they revise and what learning styles greatly help them. Give your child the space to do their revision in peace, but also give them the tools and supplies they may be asking for often to help them in their studies.

Understand the AS Level and A Level process

Your child will be studying for 2 years for their final exams, but A Levels are broken down into 2 sections – AS Level and A Level. The first year is all about AS Level, the first stage. This counts as 40% towards your final grade, so your child should be thinking seriously about their revision as soon as they can.

Once they finish the first year, they’ll head on to A Level, which will be counted towards the rest of their overall grade. The two grades are then factored in together and that gives your child their final grade.

They are much harder than GCSEs

It is a serious jump from your child’s time studying for GCSEs, but it can be achieved with a lot of hard work and dedication. Help your child on the right path by supporting them continually throughout their studies, as they notice the jump and how to get through these stressful times.

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