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How to Raise a Science Lover

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Science is all around us, and it can show your child just how amazing our world truly is. It involves a wide range of subjects that all have their own unique qualities. Your child can easily discover the world of science through the many things in their home. But to raise a child that has an eagerness for the subject, here are some top tips from this prep school in London.

Incorporate a variety of science activities

Plenty of science-related fun can happen at home. For starters, a lot of experiments can be made from the things you have in your food cupboard. Start small by making food colouring rain drops, and then work towards bigger things like making mini volcanoes with vinegar as the main reactant. Blowing bubbles, water play and using the sandpit also use an element of science, so long as you show your child how it all works.

Bake a cake

Something that’s always bound to go down a treat, with no pun intended, is the process of baking a cake. Get your child really involved in the process and show them how each part of the mixing and baking process involve a touch of science. When it’s time to put the cake in the oven you can watch together as the cake slowly rises in the tin, showing children how the oven works to cook the insides of the cake and then raise the mixture.

Lean on your child’s interests

Thankfully you’ll find a lot of science in everyday things, which is the perfect time to use your child’s current hobbies or interests to show them that even further. Their favourite toys will have been tried and tested to ensure they’re safe for use; apps and online games all require coding work to operate properly; remote controlled cars also use elements of science. Your child will be in awe with the amount we thank science for!

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