Helping Your Toddler Develop Problem Solving Skills

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From the moment a child is born, they try piecing together bits of information and growing their understanding of the world. They use their senses and creativity to problem solve and figure things out. To give your child a helping hand and develop the necessary skills for them to be able to do so, below is advice from a nursery in North London.

Post It Toys

There are various play materials that promote creativity and problem solving. Post-it toys are just one example. They introduce children to different shapes such as circles and triangles and encourage them to match pieces to one another. The toys are lots of fun for little ones to play with and can help them make great strides in their sensory development.

Ask Questions

Another way you might want to work on your child’s problem-solving skills is through asking questions. They encourage children to consider new points of view and find alternative ways of doing things. In play for example, you can get your child to experiment by asking them what might happen if you rearrange their toys or knock things over.

Explore Their Curiosities and Interests

Also consider their existing interests and curiosities as this will naturally garner their interest and desire to learn.

Read Books

Children’s books are designed in clever ways to work their thinking skills, such as problem solving. They come with flaps and pieces they can uncover and explore. Also, through simply reading they can begin to explore the world and become more inquisitive. Naturally books also lead children to think about what will happen next which again, utilises their problem-solving skills.

To develop any skill practice is essential which following this guidance can help you to do. While you can steer your child in the right direction and offer hints, throughout the process, be sure to let them take the lead.

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