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Mill Hill – Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child 

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STEAM, formerly known as STEM, is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and maths. The newest addition to these subjects is art which was added to promote creative thinking and curiosity. They have been given a huge push in recent years to address the skill shortages that we are seeing across our industries. There are various ways that you can also explore STEM at home with your child as an independent school in London shares with us below.

Experiment in Play

You can engage and bring out your child’s inner detective by encouraging them to experiment through play. By asking them questions about what might happen if you were to do x, y, and z, you can help them to start thinking like a scientist and creating their own hypotheses.

Make Use of The Outdoors

There are many wonders that you can explore outdoors and use for the basis of your home science lessons. You can teach your child all about how the clouds are formed and the plant life cycle by planting together.

Take Them to Exhibitions

There are a range of exhibitions for science, technology, engineering, and art that you can take your child to. They can get them inspired and help them to develop a deeper appreciation for the subjects while learning about the ground-breaking work that has been done in those areas.

STEM Shows on TV

Exploring STEM can be as simple as switching on the TV. There is a wide selection of educational TV programmes that you can find on TV like Blue Peter and Sid the Science Kid.

Make Arts and Crafts Together

Crafting is therapeutic and can lower the body’s cortisol levels. It can also help children to think creatively which can help them to form their own new and innovative ideas.

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