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Supporting Your Child with their Mental Health

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Mental health is a really important factor in all childrens’ development. It’s something that can feel forgotten about when children are focused on so many things at once, but their mental health can impact a lot of changes. To help support your child in the best way you can, here are some top tips from this private nursery in Letchworth.

Provide a space for open conversation

A happy child knows their worth, and with that comes the opportunity for open and honest conversations. Talking to your child freely will help them come to terms with their feelings and learn how to understand them. Having a walk, talking to your child in the car, or asking how their day went when they return home from school are all examples of ways you can help provide that space for your child.

Find local resources for your child to utilise

While we can help our children as best we can, sometimes children don’t want to reach out to us. This is where finding the right support for your child can help them look for another way to help them get back on their feet. Schools often have care plans in place, or pastoral care, to help with your child’s management of their work and coping with stress or any other mental health condition.

Find ways to keep the positivity high

Trying out new activities or hobbies can be used as a healthy distraction, which can all help your child focus on the good things in life. This is a time where developing new skills and enjoying the fun of learning will be paramount to their success. If they can find an outlet to put their focus into something they enjoy, their mental health is bound to improve, and can be used time and time again in moments of stress.

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