Teaching Your Child to Manage their Emotions

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Emotions can be a lot for children to handle if they’re not given the right directions to handle them. There are a range of ways you can help your child manage these emotions, however, such as identifying them, working on them and showing them how to cope. Here are some top tips that one of the best independent schools in Surrey shares with us to help your child learn about their emotions.

Work on identifying emotions

A child that’s able to work out what emotions are and when they arise is going to be key. When your child feels upset then take steps to show them why or how they came to feel that way. Talk through the emotion process and make your child feel at ease, as they may be experiencing these feelings for the first time.

Categorise emotions

You can now use charts to categorise emotions when your child is learning to experience thoughts and feelings for the first time. These will help your child know what feeling they’re having based on the general category they can fall into. 

For example, your child may feel angry, which can be categorised as a negative feeling that can develop from being upset or annoyed at first. These can help your child learn how they can handle these feelings, especially when they’re getting used to the feeling.

Remind your child that bad feelings don’t mean bad things will happen

A lot of mismanagement of feelings can come from a child’s understanding of their mental health. If they’re not clued into the many ways their mental health can become an issue, then they’re more likely to be unaware of different emotions. 

Talk to your child continually about how they’re handling things – from school to friendships and things at home. The more they’re generally aware of these emotions, the more it will help them move forward with their own reactions.

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